Tattoo Artist of the Week: Georgios Mavridis

Tattoo Artist of the Week

The Joey Voodoo Tattoo Artist of the Week is Georgios Mavridis of Tattooligans Tattoo Studio in Thessaloniki, Greece.

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Tattoo of the Day by Liz Cook

Tattoo of the Day

The Joey Voodoo Tattoo of the Day is by Liz Cook owner/tattooer of Rebel Muse in Lewisville, TX. We previously featured Liz two years ago. See the interview and pics here: Featured Tattoo Artist Liz Cook

Tattoo of the Day by Liz Cook Tattooer


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Liz Cook Interview

Tattoo Artist of the Week: Stefano Alcantara

Tattoos by Stefano Alcantara of Last Rites Tattoo Theater in NYC!

Stefano Alcantara


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Last Rites Tattoo Theater

Tattoo Artist of the Week: Riccardo Cassese

Tattoos by Riccardo Cassese!


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Tattoo Artist of the Week: Tim Kern

Tattoos by Tim Kern of  Tribulation Tattoo!


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Tribulation Tattoo

Tattoo Artist of the Week: Jeff Gogue

Tattoos by Jeff Gogue!


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Featured Tattoo Artist: Rich Bustamante

From Hell Hounds Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY comes Rich Bustamante, the Joey Voodoo Featured Tattoo Artist. I recently caught up with Rich to chat about his work and the artists he admires.

Joey: Hey Rich! Thanks for hanging out. First off tell us how long you’ve been tattooing and how did you get your start?

Rich: Cool…lets see…I got started in North Jersey about 15yrs ago.

Joey: You’re a real humble guy about your work (it’s fantastic) and you have lots of passion for it and for your customers. What does tattooing mean to you?

Rich: To me tattooing is the purest form of art and expression.

Joey: Is there a certain style of tattoos that you really enjoy doing? [Read more…]

Tattoo Artist of the Week: Jason Reichman

Meet Jason Reichman, the  Joey Voodoo Featured Tattoo Artist. Jason is the owner of Forever Tat2 in Kissimmie, FL. I had the pleasure to throw some questions Jason’s way.

Joey: When did you start tattooing and who gave you your first shot?

Jason: I started tattooing in 05 and Rob G handed me my 1st tattoo machines!

Joey: What inspires you as an artist?

Jason: Everything does…a bed sheet, a frog, or a flower. If I ever have a hard time with gettin motivated I look through Tattoo Society.

Joey: What artists do you admire? [Read more…]

Featured Tattoo Artist: Jessica Weichers

Artist: Jessica Weichers

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Studio: Tattoo City Skin Art Studio

Joey: When did you start tattooing and who gave you your first shot?
Jessica: I started tattooing the public exactly 7 years ago this month. I did have an apprenticeship but it wasn’t your typical one. A man by the name of Gary at Goldenlands in St. Louis was the one who apprenticed me. I am so lucky and glad that he did because many other shops in St. Louis said that “girls don’t tattoo but you can be a counter girl or a piercer”. I did both for a while when I was 18 and a little older but tattooing was the ultimate goal.
Joey: Tell us about the style of your work? [Read more…]

Featured Tattoo Artist: Ernesto Nave

Bold, striking, captivating are just a few words that come to mind when describing the tattoo work of Ernesto Nave. For being a tattooer for only three years, Ernesto’s work will leave you speechless.

Joey: How did you get into tattooing and who gave you your first shot?

Ernesto: I was coming in to the Beauty Mark to get a tattoo, and at the time i was teaching figure drawing at the Cheshire ArtsPlace. Pete, the owner, after learning i gave art instruction asked to barter tattoos for drawing lessons that i would give his apprentices. I started hanging out, and gave it a whirl and had became hooked. I have been working there since.

Joey: You work is fantastic. I really enjoy how bold and striking your colors are. Who or what have influenced your art?

Ernesto: Dan Dos Santos, Frank Frazetta, Iain Mccaig, the guys from Hope Gallery, Mark Ryden, the Illustration Masters Class (IMC).

Joey: When not tattooing or painting what do you do for fun?

Ernesto: I enjoy netflixing it up with my lady…good food, and friends.

Joey: What one celebrity past or present would you love to tattoo?

Ernesto: Manny Paquiao

Joey: What’s your favorite movie?

Ernesto: The End of Evangelion

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