Song of the Day: “Our Hollow Eyes” by All As One

Song of the Day

“Our Hollow Eyes” by All As One is the Joey Voodoo Song of the Day. The single is off of their upcoming EP Lost In Visions available everywhere online June 22nd!

All As One "Our Hollow Eyes"

All As One: Aiden Shaw – Lead Vocals, Zach Worley – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Eric Sheffield – Drums, Derrick Correll – Lead Guitar, Nathanael Kennedy – Bass

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Genre: Post Hardcore

Label: N/A



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Music Video of the Week: “Stop to Fall” by All Faces Down

Music Video of the Week

“Stop to Fall” by All Faces Down is the Joey Voodoo Music Video of the Week. The video is by Acoda. Pick up the single now on iTunes!! CLICK HERE

Music Video of the Week by All Faces Down

All Faces Down: Georg Messner – Vocals, Roman Messner – Guitar/Vocals, Alvin Ehrnberger – Guitar, Florian Rauscher – Bass, Christopher Stummer – Drums

Hometown: Vienna, Austria

Genre: Post Hardcore

Label: Chokehold Records



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Music Video of the Week: “Learned Behavior” by The Color Morale

Music Video of the Week

The Joey Voodoo Music Video of the Week is “Learned Behavior” by The Color Morale. The single comes from their hit album ‘Know Hope’ available now at Hot Topic, Best Buy and on iTunes.

Music Video of the Week by The Color Morale

The Color Morale: Garret Rapp – Vocals, Devin King – Guitar, Justin Hieser – Bass, Steve Carey – Drums, Aaron Saunders – Guitar

Hometown: Rockford, IL

Genre: Rock / Post Hardcore

Label: Rise Records



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Music Video of the Week: “Mrs. Maybridge” by This Melting Romance

Music Video of the Week

“Mrs. Maybridge” by This Melting Romance is the Joey Voodoo Music Video of the Week. The video was Directed by Beppe Platania.

This Melting Romance Music Videos of the Week

This Melting Romance: Filippo Fragiacomo – Screamer/Frontman, Lorenzo Sandrin – Guitars, Matteo Pallini – Vocals/Bass, Roberto Fakhouri – Guitars, Vincenzo Giaramita – Drums

Hometown: Trieste, Italy

Genre: Melodic Metalcore/Post-Hardcore

Label: Thisiscore Records



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Song of the Day: “Joy Illusion” by Merge

“Joy Illusion” by Merge is the Joey Voodoo Song of the Day.


Merge: Anthony Hamin – Vocals, Kazu Yamane – Drums, Louis Hugues – Guitar/Vocals, Julien Ho-Tong – Guitar, Charles Voisin – Bass

Location: Paris, France

Genre: Post-Hardcore/Metal/Post-Rock

Label: Unsigned



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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “The Depths” by Of Mice & Men

 Of Mice & Men have unveiled their new music video for “The Depths” which appears on ‘The Flood Deluxe Reissue’ (Rise Records), the 2012 expanded edition of their breakthrough ‘11 sophomore release ‘The Flood.’


Of Mice & Men: Austin Carlile – Vocals, Valentino Arteaga – Drums, Phil Manansala – Guitar, Alan Ashby – Guitar

Hometown: Southern California

Genre: Metalcore/Post-Hardcore

Label: Rise Records



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Music Video of the Week: “We Create Stars” by A Reason To Breathe

From Spain comes the post hardcore band A Reason To Breathe…their single “We Create Stars” is the Joey Voodoo Music Video of the Week. Watch it now!!

A Reason To Breathe: Drean – Vocals/Synth, Dei – Guitar, Alex – Guitar, AC – Drums, Icaro – Bass/Synth

Hometown: Valencia, Spain

Genre: Post Hardcore

Label: City Street Records



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NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “Best Friends and Hospital Beds” by Funeral For A Friend

Funeral For A Friend have released a new music video for the single “Best Friends and Hospital Beds” taken from their new album Conduit, set for release January 28, 2013.

Funeral For A Friend: Matthew Davies, Gav Burrough, Pat Lundy, Kris Coombs-Roberts, Richard Boucher

Hometown: South Wales, UK

Genre: Post Hardcore

Label: Distiller Records (UK)/The End Records (USA/Canada)



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Song of the Day: “When Nobody’s Watching” by The Will, The Way

“When Nobody’s Watching” by The Will, The Way is the Voodoo Song of the Day.

The Will, The Way: Wade Walters – Vox/Drums, Michael Bielert – Guitar, Blair De Leon – Guitar/Vox

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Label: N/A



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Music Video of the Week: “Dead Man” by Wolves At The Gate

“Dead Man” by Wolves At The Gate is the Joey Voodoo Music Video of the Week. Their new album Captors is out tomorrow July 3rd!!

Wolves At The Gate: Steve Cobucci, Jeremy Steckel, Ben Summers, Nick Detty, Ben Millhouse

Hometown: Cedarville, OH

Genre: Rock/Post Hardcore/Alternative

Label: Solid State Records



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