Voodoo Hottie of the Week: Harley Quinn


Name: Harley Quinn
Age: 26
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Hometown: South Bay California
Occupation: Visual Stylist
Status: In a relationship
Hobbies: Martial Arts/Kung Fu (not just a hobby but a lifestyle)
Food: Cookies, Ice Cream & Pizza
Music: Let’s just say I’m a connoisseur of music
Makes You Happy: Music, Fashion & a Fresh Manicure
What Makes You Feel Sexy: Bare Skin
Guilty Pleasure: Anime Porn & Rude Humor
Celebrity Crush: James Franco
Favorite Movie: Apocalypto
Superhero Power: Just like Harleen Quinzel, high intelligence, exceptional agility & strength, immunity to most toxins, psychologist, skilled gymnast.


Harley Quinn Facebook

Instagram: @wildcardharley


  1. ethankillianisfake says:

    Hey you’re like me! Check out my stuff.

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