Voodoo Doll of the Month: Darling Danika

Darling Danika is a BOMBSHELL! This California girl has been featured many times in Lowrider Magazine and in so many other publications. A lover of lowriders you will find her beauty being showcased at the hottest car shows around. She has a tremendously popular calendar (with a new one coming soon). It’s with great honor to introduce our Voodoo Doll for August…Darling Danika!

Joey: Hellooo Danika, welcome!! So excited for this opportunity! Tell us how long have you been modeling and how you got into it?

Danika: I started modeling at the age of 7. I remember my mom putting my sister and I in a “modeling school.” after completion of the school my sister and I both modeled for Sears.

Joey: You are stunning and I especially love your look and style when you shoot with the rods and lowriders. What type of shoots are your favorite?

Danika: I love all types of shoots. I love being able to challenge myself. With each photographer that I work with I like to learn something new. Each photographer has a different style of shooting.

Joey: Being around the rods and lows so much, what is your dream car?

Danika: I already have the pleasure of owning my dream car. I have a 1968 Cadillac that is a full custom show car. She has a custom pink pearl with gold metal flake paint job. Shaved door handles, trim, moldings and emblems. She also has a full air ride technologies set up and custom leather upholstery that was done by Paco’s Upholstery.

Joey: What’s the first tattoo you got and the story behind it?

Danika: The first tattoo I got was when I was 16. There’s no story behind it. It was a butterfly and now I consider it more of a moth!

Joey: If you had a choice, what magazine would you be on the cover of?

Danika: I have had the pleasure to work with Lowrider magazine multiple times, but would love to have a cover!

Joey: What actor would you want to play your love interest in a movie?

Danika: Jason Stathem….love his accent!

Joey: What makes you feel sexy?

Danika: Being in front of the camera. It brings out a different side of me that people don’t usually see.

Joey: Slow and low or pedal to the metal?

Danika: I am a slow and low kind of girl. My heart has and will always be with lowriders!

Joey: Danika thanks again for your time…so stoked to feature you as a Voodoo Doll! Any final words or shout outs?

Danika: Thank you for everything! A special thank you to my family for allowing me and motivating me to pursue my dreams. I also want to thank my fans for always supporting me and enjoying my work. Without the help of my family, friends, fans, photographers and my car club Relentless Leftcoast, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.


Instagram @xxxdarling_danikaxxx

Official Darling Danika

Darling Danika Facebook

Darling Danika Twitter

You can also check out her forum on LayitLow.com


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