The Alluring Music of Geri X

From Florida comes Bulgarian-born singer musician Geri X. A talent that captures you with an alluring voice and poetic lyrics and  rebellious spirit. Geri X is a prolific songwriter who has won numerous songwriting awards and received numerous accolades for her music. Geri X is truly a musician you really need to experience.

Joey: Whiskey and Cigarettes is your lasted album and I must say…I love it. Tell us what influenced this album and how is it different from your previous albums?

Geri X: Whiskey and Cigarettes was my way of coming back to being a songwriter. The last 6 years on the road with the full band were great, but very difficult and I definitely lost myself somewhere between singer, songwriter, guitarist, publicist, booking agent, manager, etc. So, I forgot how to just write. That’s why I came home and locked myself in the room and wrote about everything that happened the last 6 years and recorded the record just like the first one- at home, low-fi and honest.

Joey: The title track Whiskey and Cigarettes is real deep. Is this song a personal reflection of a past relationship?

Geri X: Yea, of course. It’s a very clear way of me saying “it was great, but what did I do to fuck it up?”

Joey: What musicians/bands have influenced your music?

Geri X: Lately a ton of old blues and country and even some jazz. Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, Leadbelly, Magic Sam, always Johnny Cash, Drive By Truckers, Billie Holiday. The list goes on.

Joey: What can fans expect from you for the remainder of the year?

Geri X: Lots more touring. I’m a bit of a workaholic so I don’t really ever stop playing shows. Also, hopefully when I return from my European tour in November I’ll release another EP before the year is over.

Joey: Here at Joey Voodoo we love tattoos!! What does body art mean too you? And what’s the last piece you got?

Geri X: Tattoos are a huge part of my life. I got my first when I was 16. I design every single one, and each one is about a person in my life, be it family or friends, and really represents a mile stone or a part of my life that came, and passed and influenced my existence.

Joey: Geri X thanks so much for your time! Any final words or shout outs?

Geri X: Thanks for finding me and interviewing me. It means a whole lot to musicians like me who bust their ass independently to find that there are people who are listening and supporting what we do.

Geri X – Cheap Tramp.mp3


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