Come Get “A Piece Of The Action”

Out of Los Angeles comes the thunderous music of A Piece of the Action. They love to play metal, they love to party and have a good time but most importantly they just play kick ass metal music that as they say “make their fans ears cheer”!

Joey Voodoo: Hey fellas what’s happening? First off tells us your names and where are you guys from and how long has the band been together?

Piece of the Action: Hi Joey, Although a couple of us are originally from the midwest, We are based out of Los Angeles CA. We have been a band for 1 1/2 years. here is our line up : Adam Morales : Vocals, grew up in Whittier CA. Steve Castellanos: Guitar/Vocals, born in Mexico, grew up in Lynwood CA. Nathan Feather: Bass/Vocals: grew up in Norwalk CA. Andy Olson: Guitar, grew up in Minot North Dakota. Isaac Lee: Drums, grew up in Bigfork Montana

JV: I’ve been listening to your songs and you guys fuckin’ ROCK! What bands have influenced your music and style?

APOTA: Thanks Joey!!!!! That is much appreciated. Given that we are all heavily influenced by many metal bands, the ones that stand out to us are Lamb Of God, As I Lay Dying, Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfist, Meshuggah, and Iron Maiden. We are inspired by a lot of different artists and genres such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Deftones, And even a bunch of Jazz artist, just to name a few out of the many.

JV: What are you guys currently up to? What can the fans expect this summer?

APOTA: Right now we are currently in preproduction (writing/recording/rewriting/recording/ ha ha)  for our upcoming cd. We released a self titled ep last march and are very excited to debut the next one. Our next cd is going to be heavier and will show a tremendous growth for us not only as individual musicians, but as a song writing band. As far as what this summer has in store for us, we are looking forward to finishing up the cd, and of course hit the road to do as much touring as possible. The stops on each tour are still being worked out, but we guarantee each show will be one to remember. Not to leave out the fact that we will have new merch for all the fans to check out.

JV: If you could go on tour with any band, who would it be?

APOTA: Ah man, thats a tough one ha ha. There are soooo many bands we’d LOVE to tour with. But if we had to choose one it would be Elton John , ha ha, just kidding, he’d have a heart attack if he found out we were on tour with him. We honestly will ANY of our influences would be AMAZING. But we think Lamb Of God would be phenomenal.

JV: Where can fans find you online?

APOTA: The BEST place to find us would be on Reverbnation. Only because on our profile page you can find ALL our other social sites and merch stores. We are always on and always respond to every fan. Sometimes it may take us a little bit to get back to them, but we promise that we do holla back🙂

JV: Thanks so much fellas…any final words or shout outs?

APOTA: Well first off, Thank you Joey for the opportunity to connect with more people. We greatly appreciate it. For everyone who read this interview, THANK YOU TOO !!! Everyone please “like” us on facebook, add us on reverbnation, follow us on twitter @apotaband, and we will make sure your metal appetite is satisfied. BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF OUR FANS, FRIENDS, & FAMILY!!!!  WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

A Piece of the Action – In My Dreams.mp3

A Piece of the Action – Dressed in Black.mp3



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