Watch out…here comes R5!

Last year I heard of about a sibling musical group from tattoo legend Baba Austin called R5. He tweeted that it was a must to check out this young group from Socal, I’m happy I listened. R5 is not your average teen band…this family has a lot of exciting things happening to them at stealth speed.

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Joey Voodoo: R5 it?s so awesome to catch up with you guys and introduce you to the Voodoo audience. So for those that are just learning about you, tell us who are the members of R5, your ages, and what do you play?

R5: We’re R5. Riker – bass – 19, Rydel – keyboards – 17, Ratliff – drums – 17, Rocky – lead guitar – 16, and Ross – rhythm guitar – 15.

JV: When and how was the group formed? What or who influenced your career?

R5: We’ve always sort of performed in our basement just kind of messing around when we were younger. Then when we moved out to LA we met Ratliff and found out he could play drums. Around the same time Rocky started teaching himself to play guitar and he ended up pretty much teaching Ross and Riker how to play as well. So once we could play one song everything else just kind of came together.

Fall Out Boy was a really big influence for us when we were starting out. Rocky brought home their live DVD and when Riker watched it he was like, “Dude I’ll play bass!” Later on we got in to All-American Rejects, Journey, and McFly. McFly is probably our biggest influence at the moment.

JV: Now I mentioned things are happening at stealth speed for you guys…especially individually. I mean roles on Glee, commercials, a new Disney show, and more. Do you see music taking a backseat soon so you can individually pursue acting careers and other other projects? or is music #1?

R5: Music is our number 1 passion but we all really love to act as well so if we’re working on something individually like a TV show we’ll always find time to do a show or something when we can. Ross’s new Disney show is going to really take a lot of his time, but we’ll still be writing and playing when we can.

JV: How do you guys stay so grounded? I mean it?s has to be pretty exciting to be involved in so much and getting so much recognition?

R5: Our parents. We have absolutely have the best parents we could ask for and they are always making sure we’re doing the right thing. It is exciting and we’re just so thankful for everything that has happened, it’s gonna be a great year!

JV: Your cousins are Derek and Julianne Hough (Dancing w the Stars). Have they offered any advice?

R5: We were at The Grove here in LA one night watching Derek’s band, Ballas Hough Band, and after we were talking with Derek about playing songs live and he said you should try songs really slow or really fast, or break them down acoustic and just really feel them out.  That was a great piece of advice that we use a lot.

JV: On the music side of things, what’s new and what can your fans expect in 2011?

R5: We’re writing a lot! We don’t know as of now if we’ll be putting out an album but definitely new music videos and new R5 TV on YouTube!  Still working on scoring a record deal… hopefully this year.

JV: Individually what projects are you working on? I know there some ?breaking news? for Ross?

R5: Riker’s been working a lot on Glee. And Ross just finished his Disney pilot, Austin & Ally, where he plays Austin!  All the other band members also act and do some dance work as well, so it seems like everyone has something going on each month.  Riker and Ellington (Ratliff) are both in the new Muppets movie.

JV: What are your personal goals?

R5: We want to go on a world tour as R5.  After getting a recording contract of course.

JV: What do you like to do for fun?

R5: Riker, Rocky, and Ross love playing ice hockey! The boys also like playing xbox. Rydel loves to dance! (laughs)

JV: Let’s have some fun now…What band/musician would you love to perform with, past or present?

R5: We would absolutely love to perform with McFly. We really look up to them and it would just be amazing to play one show with them.

JV: What 3 celebs would you want to have dinner with?

R5: Emma Watson, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry.

JV: What?s your favorite cereal?

R5: I think together we’d have to say Captain Crunch!

JV: R5 thank you so much for your time! Any final words or shout outs?

R5: Thank you so much for talking with us! Shout out to Baba Austin for making our amazing logo! You’re the best Baba!

Visit R5:


  1. I love R5! RIKER I LOVE YOU🙂

  2. Yeah, R5 is great! Loove!


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