Tattoo Artist Joey Armstrong

Joey Armstrong of Seventh Son Tattoo

I had the pleasure of meeting Joey Armstrong over a year ago through my good friend photographer Genea Barnes. I had heard of Joey and his tattoo work and art and of the amazing shop he worked from, Seventh Son Tattoo, but I also knew of him from his mma fighting. So I was excited in the opportunity to sit down and learn more about what this cat was all about!

Whether he was painting, out and about doing his graffiti or sitting in on daily Black Book sessions Joey always knew that art was going to play a big part in his life, but in what fashion was to be determined. Originally from Austin, TX Joey came to San Francisco when he was 22 to study computer animation. Prior to leaving Austin, Joey befriended and was guided by an exceptional artist Chris Trevino aka Horimana of Perfection Tattoo, in the proper ways in becoming a tattoo artist. Joey took his time in finding the right opportunity to reach his goal. His patience and respect for the art of tattooing led him to a second encounter with an acquaintance. While practicing the art of Brazilian jujitsu Joey bumped into Luke Stewart, they had previously met at a party. This encounter is what set Joey in the direction of landing his first shop job as an apprentice at the renowned Goldfields Tattoo Shop. Studying under the tutelage of Henry Goldfield and learning from Jason Kendall and Luke, Joey was well on his way in making a name for himself. After spending 4 years at Goldfields and working ever so at Seventh Son Tattoo, Joey decided to make the move full time and join his friends and mentors at Seventh Son.

Fast forward to eight years later and Joey is a very talented and respected artist. Joey’s heart is into Japanese influenced tattoos, traditional and bio mechanical but his talent and his friendliness makes any style an opportunity he welcomes.

While not tattooing, painting, or being a husband and father, Joey is an avid mix martial artist. Trained in the art of jujitsu and muy thai, Joey has fought in many jujitsu tournaments and is a professional mma fighter, this is another art that many of the artists in the Seventh Son shop share…but that’s for another day.

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Make sure to peep his sight to view his work and to contact him for your next tattoo:

Seventh Son Tattoo:


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