Song of the Day: “Dreamphone” by Bang Bang Bang

Song of the Day

“Dreamphone” by Bang Bang Bang is the Joey Voodoo Song of the DayNatalie Chahal is a one woman weapon of mass distraction. She’s an absolute powerhouse of talent and is hot, primed and ready for action.

Natalie Chahal, Bang Bang Bang, Dreamphone, London, Singer, DJ, Riot GRRL, Musician, Pop

Bang Bang Bang: Natalie Chahal

Location: London

Genre: Pop

Label: N/A







Music Video of the Week: “Only Fools Get Caught” by Booze & Glory

Music Video of the Week

“Only Fools Get Caught” by Booze & Glory is the Joey Voodoo Music Video of the Week. The video was directed by Frank Pellegrino. The single is from the album As Bold As Brass.

Booze & Glory, London, London Oi!, Oi!, musicians Only Fools Get Caught

Booze & Glory: Mark – Vox/Guitar, Liam – Guitar/Vox, Bubbles – Bass, Tommy – Drums

Location: London

Genre: Oi!

Label: Step1Music (Europe), Contra Records (Europe), Sailor’s Grave Records (USA)





TRC Announce Brand New Album Nations

The Revolution Continues New Album

British band TRC has announced plans to release their new, full-length album, Nation, in the U.S. on September 24th via No Sleep Records.  The record was recorded in their hometown of London with Steve Sears (Gallows, Lethal Bizzle, Hang The B*stard). Watch the official teaser trailer for Nations below!


TRC: Chris Robson – Vocals, Anthony Carroll – Vocals, Charlie Wilson – Guitar, Ben Taylor Dingwall – Guitar, Oliver Reece – Bass, Lasselle Lewis – Drums

Location: London, England

Genre: Hardcore

Label: No Sleep Records


TRC Facebook

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TRC Merch

VIDEO: Ami James and Huey Morgan’s Love Hate Social Club in London

Ami James and Huey Morgan have opened a new tattoo studio in London, Love Hate Social Club. Get an inside look at their new endevour.



Official Love Hate Social Club

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “Beach of Diamonds” by Pure Love

Just released is the official music video for “Beach of Diamonds” from Pure Love. Their album ‘Anthems’ is out February 4th 2013. Pre-order Now!


Pure Love: Frank Carter and Jim Carroll

Hometown: London/Brooklyn

Genre: Rock

Label: Vertigo Records


Official Pure Love

Pure Love Facebook

Pure Love Twitter

Pure Love iTunes

Song of the Day: “Help Me Out” by The Famous Class

“Help Me Out” by The Famous Class is the Voodoo Song of the Day.

The Famous Class: Justin – Bass/Vocals, Stoo – Guitar/Vocals, Joe – Drums

Hometown: London, UK

Genre: Pop-Punk

Label: N/A


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Song of the Day: “Long Gone” by Apologies, I Have None

“Long Gone” by Apologies, I Have None is the Voodoo Song of the Day.

Apologies, I Have None: Dan Bond, Josh Mckenzie, PJ Shepherd, Joe Watson

Hometown: London, England

Genre: Punk/Punk Rock

Label: N/A


Official Apologies, I Have None

Apologies, I Have None Facebook

Apologies, I Have None Twitter

Music Video of the Week: “Handsome Devil’s Club” by Pure Love

“Handsome Devil’s Club” by Pure Love is the Joey Voodoo Music Video of the Week.

Pure Love: Frank Carter and Jim Carroll

Hometown: Brooklyn/London

Genre: Rock

Label: Vertigo Records


Official Pure Love

Pure Love Facebook

Pure Love Twitter

Song of the Day: “Neon Truth” by Various Cruelties

“Neon Truth” by Various Cruelties is the Voodoo Song of the Day. Their self-titled debut album is set to release April 30th! Pre-order now!!

Artist: Various Cruelties

Hometown: London & Leeds

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Label: Hideout Recordings


Official Various Cruelties

Various Cruelties Facebook

Various Cruelties Twitter

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: “Traveller’s Chant” by Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle and Sylvester make up the London hip hop duo of Rizzle Kicks. They just released their new music video for the single “Traveller’s Chant” from their debut album Stereo Typical. Rizzle Kicks is on the radar and deservedly so as they are ready to take on the hip hop scene by storm…don’t believe, check for yourself!

Rizzle Kicks: Rizzle + Sylvester

Hometown: London

Label: Island Records


Official Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks Facebook

Rizzle Kicks Twitter

Rizzle Kicks iTunes


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